How to Rent a Porta Potty

A portable toilet, also known as a porta-potty, honey bucket, Porta John , or Portaloo , is a simple portable enclosure containing a chemical toilet  and is typically used as a temporary toilet for construction sites or social events because of its durability and convenience.

Portable toilets are large enough for a single occupant, usually about 110 cm (43 in) square by 210 cm (83 in) high. While the units are typically free standing structures, their stability is augmented by the weight of the waste tank, which usually contains an empty liquid disinfectant dispenser and deodorizer. Some include both a seated toilet and a urinal. Most include lockable doors, ventilation near the top, and a vent pipe for the holding tank. When wind is blowing over the vent pipe it creates a low pressure area sucking the odor out. Leaving the toilet lid open will reverse the flow of the venting of the tank.

Typical specifications:

  • Total Weight: 90 kg (200 lb) – 110 kg (240 lb)
  • Total Width : 1,166 mm (45.9 in)
  • Total Depth : 1,215 mm (47.8 in)
  • Total Height : 2,316 mm (91.2 in)
  • Door Height : 1,975 mm (77.8 in)
  • Door Width : 639 mm (25.2 in)

Types of Portable Restrooms available for rental:

  • Standard Portable Restroom
  • Deluxe Restroom
  • ADA Compliant Portable Toilet
  • VIP Self-Contained Restroom
  • Mobile Restroom Trailer